Safety Committee

Networking with emergency, law enforcement & others for water safety

By far, the most dangerous venomous snake at the lake. N.C. leads the nation in venomous snake bites with 5 x the national average and all because of this snake. An old adage is that the reason you see so many dead ones on the road is that they are so aggressive that they will take on a 3000 lb vehicle. It is actually just the opposite.

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The Lake Gaston Water Safety Council was formed on February 22, 1989. We are thankful for Joe Peterson, formerly with what is now known as Dominion Energy, for envisioning the need back in 1988 to organize a group of interested persons who lived on the lake to solely focus on safety on the water. Much has happened over the last 20 plus years.

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All PWC operators age 14 and older and all motorboat operators of 10 hp or greater regardless of age need to take a boating safety course. Take this Virginia–approved course to complete your online boating safety education.

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Every year, thousands of boating enthusiasts take to the waterways of North Carolina to fish, sail, water ski, and pursue other vessel-based recreation. Wildlife Officers enforce the boating laws and navigation regulations on the waters of the state, always with the aim of safety. Officers may stop any vessel for safety checks or violations, as authorized by N.C.G.S. §75A and conduct boating accident investigations.

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