Safety Committee

Networking with emergency, law enforcement & others for water safety

America's Boating Course is an eight-hour course covering the basics of boating and is appropriate for youth as well as the adult boater. Successful completion of this course satisfies the education requirement to operate a boat in ANY STATE and for youth to operate a PWC in both Virginia and North Carolina.

Do you know that if the power goes out, most residential fires are caused by the use of candles or kerosene lamps which can easily tip over.  Battery-operated lamps are inexpensive and provide sufficient light to perform daily routine tasks.

If generator power is used during power outages, are they being used safely? Are they at least 25 feet away from dwellings, grounded, and protected from the elements? Are the power cords and power strips in good condition? Do family members know how to start, stop, and fuel a generator safely?

The Public Safety Committee is pleased to report the Jack D. Saunders Annual Shred Event  is now on the calendar for Saturday - May 6, 2023.

From 10am -1pm at the RWVFD (same place).  As in previous years, the event is open to everyone and is free.   Donations will be appreciated to help defray the cost of bringing the shred truck to the lake from Raleigh.   

Start saving your stuff!


This is a recent Facebook post from the Northampton County Sheriff's Office .   Please understand this can happen anywhere.   Lock your car and don't leave things of value out in the open    Auto theft is a crime of opportunity.   Use common sense and don't be a victim.   If you see something, say something and call 911.

The Northampton Co Sheriffs Office has been responding to an increased amount of vehicle break-ins and several vehicle larcenies in the past few weeks. We encourage our citizens throughout the county to lock and secure your vehicle doors during the daytime and nighttime. We also encourage citizens to report all crimes no matter the type to the Sheriffs Office so those crimes are properly documented and investigated. If you see anyone or anything suspicious in your neighborhoods you are encouraged to report it.