Marketing & Membership

Enhance the general public’s knowledge of the LGA

Many of our members are aware of the many LGA activities during the active summer season. But did you know that this is the time of the year that we are involved with many of our important programs?

Through our partnerships with our local sheriff's departments, our members are kept up to date on crime statistics and prevention measures.

We partner with local realtor members who keep us posted on lake area property sales and values.

How about our partnership with N.C. State University’s Crop Science Dept. which assists with Lake Gaston’s aquatic Fall Lake Survey, finding solutions for invasive aquatic plants, like Lyngbya and Hydrilla, as well as participates in our Lakeside Learning Days.

Finally, let’s not forget our partnership with Dominion Energy and the US Army Corps of Engineers who keep our members up to date on water level conditions especially during hurricane season.

I am sure we can think of other examples. Unfortunately, our efforts are not always known to non-members who may be unaware of the many benefits of being an LGA member and that is where you can help. Promote the LGA whenever you can and sponsor new members. Call Moira at (252) 586-6577 for details.

Want to learn more? Join us at our monthly committee meetings.