Marketing & Membership

Enhance the general public’s knowledge of the LGA

Your LGA President Brian Goldsworthy is taking over this committee from Tony Moran who admirably served as the Chair for many, many years.  Brian always loves a challenge and his main goal is to grow the membership to make it even better and stronger for all.   


Membership and Marketing is unique in that the committee doesn’t offer a direct service to the membership.  However, this committee is the financial engine that enables the LGA to offer our many programs supporting ALL lake-related activities.   Our member dues support the Shred Event, Lake Environment, and Water Quality activities, as well as the Five-County Forum, just to name a few. 


Without member dues we offer nothing - Can’t be more blunt than that.  We also need the support of our business members who provide the financial horsepower to keep the LGA running.


You too can help make a difference - Consider joining the LGA today!