Marketing & Membership

Enhance the general public’s knowledge of the LGA

Former LGA President Brian Goldsworthy is the M&M Chairperson.  Brian loves a challenge and his main goal is to grow the membership to make it even better and stronger for all.   


Membership and Marketing is unique in that the committee doesn’t offer a direct service to the membership.  However, this committee is the financial engine that enables the LGA to offer our many programs supporting ALL lake-related activities.   Our member dues support the Shred Event, Lake Environment, and Water Quality activities, as well as the Five-County Forum, just to name a few. 


Without member dues we offer nothing - Can’t be more blunt than that.  We also need the support of our business members who provide the financial horsepower to keep the LGA running.


You too can help make a difference - Consider joining the LGA today!