Lake Environment Committee

Maintaining the environmental well being of Lake Gaston



To document aquatic vegetation, both good and bad!  Lake Gaston has 350 miles of shoreline and all needs sampling.

This survey is an important tool that determines how to keep Lake Gaston healthy for swimming, boating, fishing, and recreational enjoyment.

1. You will need access to a boat, kayak, or jet ski and a few hours to spend on the lake.

2. The shoreline is divided into survey sections and volunteers can choose sites close to home.

3. Equipment to be provided:

    a. Handheld electronic tablet for data collection

    b. Double-sided Rake

    c. Plant ID booklet that will cover most of the plants you will encounter at Lake Gaston

    d. Training will be provided through several online videos that will explain the vegetation survey in detail and provide tips for aquatic plant identification.

Go to the LGA Environment Committee at LakeGastonAssoc.com and click on the survey form:


Go directly to the Electronic Form to Volunteer: