Lake Environment Committee

Maintaining the environmental well being of Lake Gaston

On December 20, 2021 Dominion Power submitted to the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission changes to its Shoreline Management Plan appendices. These changes are the product of a required 5 year review which was delayed one year due to pandemic restrictions. Dominion received input from the general public on September 15th and from a working group, including state, federal, county agencies, contractors, real estate developers, the Lake Gaston Stripers Club as well as the Lake Gaston Association on October 3rd.

Summary of Changes

(1) Construction and Use Procedures. (Appendix C to the Plan) The proposed changes add a

statement prohibiting the use of submersible pumps, increase restrictions in Sensitive areas to

exclude any new clearing of land or building of docks, clarify that new bulkheads are not being

approved and clarify definitions of grandfathered landscaping.


(2) Aquatic Weed Control. (Appendix E to the plan) There are two proposed changes: the first

clarifies who may apply weed control chemicals in the lakes, removes the requirement to notify

Dominion prior to aquatic weed control activities and adds a requirement for registered

applicators to submit an annual report providing information regarding location of treatments,

area treated, chemicals applied, and species treated. The second change removes the requirement

to obtain permission from Dominion to clear native aquatic plants from a 10’ wide boat lane

providing access to the lake but makes clear that removing Water Willow will not be approved.


Special Management Area Maps

In Dominion’s 2005 Plan submittal, there were 23 maps that delineate areas within the project

boundary that warrant special protection. Those maps have not been changed and have not been

included in this submittal. The maps can be found on Dominion’s web site at: https://www.dominionenergy.com/lakes-and-recreation/lake-gaston-and-roanoke-rapids-lake-nc/construction-use-and-procedures


Once these revisions are posted on Dominion Energy’s web site the LGA will notify our membership.