Lake Clean-Up

Annual spring lake-wide Lake Gaston Clean-Up Day

Hopefully, our Lake Gaston residents and those who drive along our roads, have made a resolution to NOT throw trash out of their car windows onto our roads.  That would be a wonderful gift.  And that reminds us to thank ALL those who DO get out and pick up the trash along our roadsides.  We are certainly thankful and appreciative of your efforts.  But mainly we would like to get the word out to those who seem to feel that they have the right to use our roads as a trash can. 

Please help keep Lake Gaston clean and beautiful!

Saturday, June 5th is the date for this year’s Lake Clean-up Day. We have changed our format for Lake Clean-up Day.  There will be no dumpster locations this year.  We are asking that members of Lake Gaston Assn. as well as neighbors, HOA members, etc. to clean up the areas in their neighborhoods, along roadsides, lakeside, etc. and take collected trash to their local convenience centers.  If you have anything too big to handle, please give us a call and we’ll make arrangements to have it picked up.

The Lake Gaston Striper Club has been helping by cleaning up the islands on Lake Gaston. Others helping are the FABS and Lake Gaston Water Safety Council. The roads around the lake have been cleaned up by various volunteer groups. including Several business groups. Warren County and VDOT have been generous with vests, bags, gloves, etc.  We do appreciate all of the help. It would be wonderful if we didn’t have to make such an effort to clean up the roads around the lake. If only people would be responsible enough to deposit their trash in proper containers instead of the roads. How easy this would be. But we can always hope …

If you have any questions or suggestions and want to indicate your willingness to participate, please do not hesitate to contact us at the email below or call us at (252) 586-6577 or 1-888-586-6577. We thank you for your support of the LGA and our efforts to preserve and protect Lake Gaston in whatever way you can for this ongoing problem.