Government Relations

Keeping the government informed about LGA activities

The Government Relations Committee is actively involved with an issue in Warren County. Warren County is the only county around the lake that doesn’t have County-wide zoning. Property owners in zoned neighborhoods on the lake can be negatively affected by activities on nearby unzoned land. We are keeping members apprised of the situation via email.

We urge members to voice their opinions on this topic to their local Commissioners. You can also show your support by attending public meetings on the subject. Large numbers of citizens can have a strong impact on county decisions. The next public meeting for Warren County will be in December at Armory in Warrenton, watch for an update.

With Fall upon us, we have begun planning for activities for the coming year. One of the annual events our Committee conducts is the 5 County Forum. This forum will be held on March 14, 2019 and brings together County Managers/ Administrators and local Board of Supervisors (VA)/Board of Commissioners (NC) for a morning of presentations and discussions of interest to those of us around the lake. It is a unique opportunity for our local officials from all 5 counties around the lake to get together. Members and the public are welcome and encouraged to attend this meeting.

Halifax Littleton 6
Littleton Rural 6
Northampton Roanoke-Wildwood (F60) 6
Roanoke-Wildwood (F61) 6
Warren Churchill Five Forks 6
Ebony 9
Lake Gaston 9
Littleton 6
Longbridge 7
Roanoke-Wildwood 6
Brunswick Ebony 9
Gasburg 9
Mecklenburg Lake Gaston 9
Palmer Springs 9

A few fire departments are listed more than once, because those fire departments provide services across county lines. If your property is more than 1,000 feet from a working fire hydrant, then the insurance rating will be considered a 9. Tax rates for North Carolina counties can be found on the annual tax bill sent to all property owners. In Virginia, funding for fire departments is provided through state and county funds, so a tax rate is not established by each county.