Government Relations

Keeping the government informed about LGA activities

The meeting will be held at the Lake Gaston Lions Club, 139 Stanley Road, Henrico, NC 27842 and will begin promptly at 9:00 a.m.

The five-county forum offers our members an opportunity to meet and interact with your local county officials around the lake, in a venue where they are encouraged to network with each other and exchange useful information for managing their counties.  Each County Board Chairman and Manager/Administrator have been invited to attend and, in some cases, will present summaries of new county initiatives they are working on or have incorporated into county operations. 

We plan on presenting and informing these officials items of importance to our Lake Gaston residents such as water quality, invasive weeds, inter-basin water transfer, and new development trends.  This is one of our biggest Government Relations Committee events of the year and we hope to see you there.