LGA Executive Director

Providing continuity of effort and resident expertise

Phenomenal best describes the new Mecklenburg County Middle School / High School campus.  Mr. Paul Nichols, Mecklenburg County School Superintendent was a gracious host, and the tour of the new state-of-the-art facility was truly amazing.  The amount of forethought and planning that went into the design of the combined schools speaks for itself, and we were so excited to hear that our Mecklenburg County students are destined for greater success due to receiving a quality education within a safe 21st century learning environment.  Just think... every single student who enters and graduates from within these doors will have endless possibilities and opportunities to succeed as young adults in our rapidly changing society.  Go Phoenix!

Most Importantly...

A huge heartfelt “thank you” to all the wonderful teachers for your endless care and commitment to build confidence and bring out the best in your students, your ongoing dedication to inspire hope and ignite imagination in their hearts and minds, and your tireless hard work to encourage our children to achieve their life goals.  A world without teachers, is a future without leaders; and we “thank you for your service!”  Kudos Phoenix Educators!


Mecklenburg County Middle School 

Mecklenburg County High School