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In 2023 the LGA leadership conducted a Member Survey to identify how effective we are and what are the most important areas of concern for our members. This is the 6th survey that has been conducted in the last 17 years, so we are also able to look at results over time.

We had 297 responses which is approximately 14% of our membership.

On a scale from 1 to 4, we were rated at 3.5 for overall effectiveness. This is the highest ranking from all previous surveys. The areas we scored very favorable in are communications and community safety. Areas needing improvement are Government Relations and Lake Clean-up. Areas that our members said were of most importance to them are the environment/watershed and aquatic plant management.

Your LGA leadership is taking a hard look at these results and comments made as we move ahead in our strategic planning process this spring. We value this input and will stay focused on what is important to our members and strive for improvement.

Thanks to all who contributed to the survey.