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We recognize a true Leader of the Lake Gaston Community

Pete Deschenes was honored the evening of Tuesday August 22nd for his service to the Lake Gaston Community. Pete has served in leadership roles for the Lake Gaston Association, the Lake Gaston Weed Control Council, the Lake Gaston Water Safety Council, and the Roanoke Wildwood Volunteer Fire Department. The list goes on….

Pete was instrumental in bringing numerous concerned parties and organizations together to address boating safety, the relicensing of Dominion with the Federal Government, and the invasive hydrilla problem on Lake Gaston. He was and continues to serve as the President of Stakeholders organized to focus the community and bring valuable resources to bear on hydrilla control. This effort is recognized nationally as an example of the value and benefits of Community involvement in Aquatic Weed Control.

Numerous leaders of our Lake Community had words of admiration and appreciation for Pete.

In honor of his leadership and service to the Lake Community, going forward the Lake Gaston Stakeholders Board will now be known as, “The Pete Deschenes Stakeholders Board at Lake Gaston”.

Thank you Pete for your devotion and service to the Lake Gaston Community.

Jeff Zimmer 8/30/23