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Water levels at Gaston and Roanoke Rapids are managed to promote fish spawning from March 1st to June 15th of each year. While lake levels are managed to remain below 200' mean sea level (ft-msl) at Lake Gaston, maintaining adequate downstream flow with minimal variation is a primary goal during fish spawning. Dominion states:

During the striped bass spawning season (March 1 – June 15), water may be stored in Lake Gaston between elevations 200.00 and 201.00 for weekend downstream flow augmentation.

This is considered "normal operations" during the fish spawning season. If rainfall increases significantly in the Roanoke River watershed, Dominion Power may enter "emergency operations". Lake levels may then exceed 201'. 

The LGA will do our best to keep the Lake Gaston Community informed if it appears lake levels may exceed 201'.