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Snakes around Lake Gaston

I selected the first snake as an attention getter. The Eastern Diamond Back Rattlesnake. Not normally found in this region but is in the Southeastern counties of N.C. This 9.5 foot monster with 2.5 inch fangs was shot by the young man when it entered their hunting blind. Prevalent in the coastal areas of Georgia [St Simmons and Jeckel Islands]

Dangerous Spiders around Lake Gaston

Almost all spiders are venomous. Danger to humans is determined by the toxicity of the venom and the delivery capabilities. Black Widow’s venom is more toxic than a rattlesnake but has much smaller fangs. Interestingly, like all spiders, they inject a digestive enzyme into the victim causing it to liquify, so they literally drink their meal. Like perhaps many in this room may do.

9th Annual Lake Clean-Up on the way

June 1st is the date for this year’s Lake Clean-up Day. In fact, we would like to make June Lake Clean-up Month with our kickoff on June 1st. This year we will have two manned stations on June 1st with dumpsters from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. They will be at Washburn’s as before and this year the other station will be at AF Wake at the south end of Eaton Ferry Bridge. We hope that we can count on you to help with this very worthwhile project.

Lake Gaston Five County EMS/E-911 Report

The Lake Gaston Association has released a report of its comprehensive five-county EMS/E-911 review conducted by the Public Safety Committee throughout last year. Since it is a 16-page report, the following is provided as a quick summary of “what you should know.”